How to qualify for a County Badge

Players must earn 3 points to qualify for a County Badge and this can be achieved in the following manner:-

Make themselves available for 4 games a year (which must include one County Game) and be selected and play in 3 games (two friendlies and one County) - for this they will be awarded 1 point.

They will need to repeat this for two further years not necessarily consecutively but within a period of 6 consecutive years to earn a further 2 points.

Points earned prior to the immediate 6 year period will be dropped from the Register.

KCLIBA competition winners and runners up will be awarded
2 points and 1 point respectively.
There will be NO points for semi-finalists.

Badges will ONLY be presented to qualifiers when they play in a KCLIBA match for which they have made themselves available.


Players must be selected and play in 4 games in 3 years in order to qualify for an Atherley Flash Award.

September 2008